Derrick McBride is a holistic sports medicine practitioner who combines the time-tested approach of traditional Chinese medicine with modern restorative techniques to provide the most comprehensive care for musculoskeletal wellness and injury rehabilitation.

For him, it’s all about restoring and improving how your body moves.

I love every aspect of it. I love the feeling of exploring movement myself. I love the way perfectly executed movement looks. I even love when movement goes wrong. I love the exploration of the story that led to someone's injury.

My life’s work is understanding a patient’s mobility and stability limitations and determining the ideal protocol to restore proper movement. Once we’ve identified where movement has gone wrong, we can use my tools and your hard work to correct it.

Let’s get you moving again.

Fascial Stretch Therapy

A modern technique that greatly improves functional mobility by focusing on opening entire fascial lines and creating space in the joint capsules. This is the stretching technique preferred by thousands of professional athletes all throughout the world!



Rehabbing injuries to a functional level drastically reduces your risk of future injury and restores your performance to the level it was at before injury, or in many cases, even better than before!



Combining the age tested theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture with modern techniques of treating anatomically significant tissues. East meets West to form a very powerful self healing modality!


FIX Podcast!

In my podcast, I interview practitioners, coaches, and athletes about their specialties.

Sports Medicine Professionals will get a solid amount of clinical pearls while the everyday athlete gets exposed to a number of modalities and tactics that will improve performance and reduce risk of injury.